MEN: How to Revive a Dormant Sex Life After You’ve Killed the Connection

Author of The Masculine in Relationships joins me to talk about male/female differences in relationships, and what’s toxic.

Men, would you like to know what to say when your female partner is really angry? The answer–and many more–are in this episode with GS Youngblood, author of The Masculine in Relationship.


  • When masculinity is toxic
  • Mistakes you might be making (or experiencing)
  • How GS Youngblood shifted his thinking and expectations to improve relationships
  • What makes relationships go sideways
  • The place of empathy and what it means and looks like in relationship
  • What emotional oxygen is

Youngblood says, “There are so many couples in pain in the world. The man feeling that his partner criticizes and belittles him, and is not interested in sex. The woman dying for more emotional connection, and to feel much more power, leadership, and clarity from her man.”

Oh, yes, you can bet I was champing at the bit with questions! Questions about gender equality, “leadership,” and misogyny, for starts! And, yes, I challenged so much because I read the book and all kinds of things popped up to discuss: possessiveness, a “caveman” mentality, and so much more.

Empathy which is often so lacking in toxic relationships became a big topic, going from GS’s definition to mine and finding the intersections. Did we end up on the same page? Listen for that, for sure!

What about men jumping to solutions without listening to their partners? (Calm down. We’re talking about men’s things in this episode…lol.)

I asked GS Youngblood why he talks so much of “masculine leadership.” Does he balance that with feminine leadership? Are they the same, or vastly different?

I think your thoughts will be stimulated by this conversation.

Agree? Disagree? Learn something? It’s all good.


gs youngbloodGS Youngblood is the author of “The Masculine in Relationship”. He coaches men in relationships on how to live, love, and lead from their Masculine core. He specializes in “nice guys” who are with strong women. His teachings combine deep embodiment work with the framework of the Masculine blueprint from his book. Learn more at

Reception to the book has been phenomenal. Both from men (“You just described my married life to perfection…” and “This is the best book I’ve EVER read on masculinity in a relationship”) and women (“I just picked up your book off my coffee table that my husband bought and it’s like you’ve been listening to me talk for the last few years! Insane how much you get it.”)

His writings are filtered through the laboratory of his and his clients’ real-world, long term relationships (including the successes and spectacular failures) to see what actually works and what doesn’t. Through this lens of Masculine leadership, he also pulls in principles from a variety of fields: psychology, martial arts, tango, meditation, and BDSM.







What folks have said…
Thank you for understanding me when no one else can, thank you for being here for me when no one else can. You are beacon of light in the darkness of my situation This is so true what you are talking about LoL . Thank you, I have never heard about this [diagnosis] earlier in life. Thank you, God Bless You
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