Hijackals & other narcissistic people have neither thought nor intention of leveling any playing field. No, it's about the all important winning. Why? What can you do or say? Use the ideas in this episode to step back from the crazy-making! 

When you're in a relationship with a relatively healthy person, you work things out. In working them out together, you build trust and safety. It brings you closer.

Not so when you're dealing with narcissistic #Hijackals! They do not want to create emotional intimacy, so getting closer to them is really swooping in for the win. It is not something they can, or want to, sustain. You've likely noticed that.


  • Most healthy enough relationships operate on fairness. Not so in a relationship with a #Hijackal.
  • Why narcissistic Hijackals operate in their own self-interest
  • Why no meaningful solutions are found to relationship difficulties with a narcissistic person
  • Ways to respond to the warped sense of equality, fairness and justice
  • Steps to be emerging empowered as you recognize the warp and respond


Why do they have out-of-proportion responses when you ask something small from them? Sadly, everything threatens them, and they resist any form of healthy giving. Normally healthy people, when offended, have a reaction, cool down, and things can be repaired. Hijackals react by devaluing you, threatening, punishing, disregarding, discarding, or the power move of The Silent Treatment. Learn more about these tactics in this episode.

Also, learn four solid ways to respond when you recognize that you have been trying to fit in, please, or appease a person with narcissistic tendencies. Great steps to finding and reclaiming your personal power, the power to operate from your own thoughts, feelings, values, vision, beliefs, and desires. I know you don't desire move emotional abuse, right? You'll be empowered by taking these four steps!

If you're exhausted and worn down by a toxic relationship, let's talk about how to be emerging empowered from this warped world of Hijackals.  I'm here to help.

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