Ugh! The narcissistic Hijackal falls silent, ignores you, and won't respond. What's up with that? What are they hoping to achieve? What's your internal dialogue? What ways are most effective to respond? That's today's episode.

So dismissive! Hijackals can treat you as though you're invisible, erased, and definitely not present. They want to impress upon you the contempt they feel for you. So, they fall silent.


  • What Hijackals want to avoid by giving you The Silent Treatment
  • Why narcissistic folks misguidedly think The Silent Treatment will work
  • 7 ways to recognize The Silent Treatment as emotional abuse
  • 6 ways NOT to respond to The Silent Treatment
  • 4 MUST-DOS to respond to The Silent Treatment


Big power move...or, so they think! Until you understand the dynamics of this, you may be upset, distressed, and doing everything in your power to get the Hijackal to starting talking to you. Have you done that? What was the cost? I'll bet it was at the expense of your self-esteem at the very least!

Hijackals and other narcissistic folks--and other passive-aggressive people--want you to think they have power over you. When they can't win by talking, they try to by The Silent Treatment. It's nasty. For some of them, they do it because they don't know what else to do. Pathetic! For others, they do it to impress on you just how upset they are with you. Is it working?

So much of the BIG silence is emotionally abusive. I'm sure you've felt that, but have you allowed yourself to call it that? In this episode, I talk about seven ways that The Silent Treatment is emotionally abusive. After you listen, you'll be able to clearly see what's up with that in your relationship.

If you're tired of the drama, the manipulation, and The Silent Treatment,  I'm here to help.


Here's an older episode about the Silent Treatment:


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