Why Living With a Hijackal is Like Juggling Jello

No object constancy! That is very much missing in a relationship with a narcissistic Hijackal, and it’s an essential ingredient of a healthy relationship. Does your relationship feel like juggling jello? It will if you have a Hijackal in it!!!

Learn how to see and understand what’s missing in your relationship that causes SO much tension and second-guessing. You may be blaming yourself as well as being blamed by the Hijackal, and IT’S NOT TRUE! That’s why thinking about this important concept of “object constancy” helps you to understand why you feel so pushed around by the extremes of the Hijackal. Fancy name for a very important concept!


  • Why life seems so unpredictable with a narcissistic person
  • How things so easily go from getting along to being threatened with being left and you feel blind-sided
  • How life with a Hijackal is like “juggling Jello” (Ever felt that way?)
  • What “object constancy” is and why it answers big questions about the way Hijackals are
  • How uncertainty becomes a constant in a relationship with a Hijackal

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