Can Narcissists Change? Like, Actually Make Lasting Changes to Stop the Abuse?

Psychiatrist, Dr. Laura Dabney, answers that HUGE question that keeps you hooked on hope: Can Narcissists Change? You want to know if there's hope the emotional abuse will stop. Listen in!

You hope, hope, hope. Can narcissists change? Can YOUR narcissist change? WILL your narcissistic person change?

You buy into their promises to change. And, you cross your fingers!

Narcissistic people seem to change for a hot minute...or even a warm week, right? And, then, nothing. What's up with that?


  • The differences between a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and having narcissistic tendencies
  • Can you ever love a narcissistic person into loving you back?
  • How to tell the differences between being loved and being used
  • Can the core issues within a narcissistic person change?
  • How best to indicate to a narcissistic person that there is a need for change
  • Why narcissistic people cannot create emotional intimacy

People with narcissistic tendencies--or those diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder--have a hard time listening and caring about changes you would like to see. You know that already. Their interest is in themselves, so they only listen to see what you want to see what they can they get. Does that seem familiar?

So, will #Hijackals ever change?
Can narcissists change?
Do they want to change?
What reason would they need to actually care?
Are they able to sustain changes...or interested in doin so?

I'm delighted to have Dr. Laura Dabney as my return guest to discuss this very important issue that can drive you crazy. You want to believe they'll change, I know. Don't miss this episode.


Dr. Laura Dabney photo - listen to this episode in which we discuss "Can narcissists change?" Laura Dabney, MD has made a career of taking on psychiatry’s toughest challenges from treating complex, combined medical and psychological conditions, to ensuring the absolute privacy of powerful, high-profile patients. Dr. Dabney has, for decades, helped her patients change their lives for the better. And they recognize her for it. Dr. Dabney’s patients come for many reasons: depression and anxiety, recent break-ups or a lifetime of toxic relationships. Yet, despite the problems that brought them through her door, they describe her in the same terms again and again, calling her warm, knowledgeable, and committed to their success.










Want to dig into this a bit deeper? Here's an episode on one of the reasons Narcissists do not (will not, or can not) change.

And this is a question I hear often... Do they do it on purpose??

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