Problem with narcissists is that they're unreasonable, right? It's their way or the highway. Many reasons for that, but you may not have heard this about their mindsets.


  • Why #narcissists cannot see your point
  • Why #narcissists refuse to accept criticism
  • Two opposing mindsets in one relationship that cannot make it work
  • Why a fixed mindset keeps #Hijackals stuck
  • Why you cannot change the mind of a #narcissist
  • Understanding these two points of view will clarify why #Hijackal relationships are so difficult
  • How knowing this can help you clarify your best next steps in a toxic relationship

Ever wonder why it feels like you're hitting your head against a titanium wall when you try to make a #narcissist see your point?

Or, wonder why a #narcissistic #Hijackal does not understand the concept of constructive criticism?

It will all be much clearer when you listen to this episode, I promise!

When I say that this is a little-known reason that you must know, I mean it! Understand these mindset differences may be the final piece you need to accept the futility of arguing with, reasoning with, or making constructive requests of a #narcissist. At least, things may get significantly clearer when you think of them this way.


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