How Hijackals Hook You Into Toxic Relationships

How to Unhook, Step Back, and See More Clearly What’s Really Going On

Hijackals create toxic relationships, and it’s important to see the patterns, traits, cycles, and behaviors clearly. That’s not easy, but it is necessary.

If you’ve been with a Hijackal or other toxic person for long, you may feel as though you suffer from brain fog. You can’t think straight and you’re too exhausted to do so anyway. Gain perspective about your situation and best next steps to consider in this episode.


  • How a Hijackal hooks you
  • Why Hijackals are in a rush to “get” you
  • Knowing how to recognize the Hijackal patterns, traits, cycles, and behaviors
  • The essential step of stopping enabling the Hijackal to behave badly
  • My definition of assertiveness and why it’s effective
  • Practicing the Personal Weather Report (PWR)

Hijackals are those relentlessly difficult, toxic people who seem so perfect for you in the beginning, and eventually fade into mean, thoughtless, self-centered ones later in the relationship. That later can be two days after you marry or move in, or even fade slowly over a couple of years. But, fade it will. Then, what do you do.

By the time you’ve been with a Hijackal for awhile, you may be exhausted from the constant put-downs, from being torn down and worn down. Hijackal count on that. You have to find your legs and stand up for yourself in very specific, non-confrontational ways.

One of those ways is my Personal Weather Report. In the episode, I mentioned some videos on my YouTube channel.

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Here are some that relate to the Personal Weather Report:

You will also find all the details of how to give and receive a Personal Weather Report in my book, Kaizen for Couples.

Being with a Hijackal in a supposedly romantic relationship can be huge disappointment on many levels. Get unhooked as soon as you can from their manipulations, and reclaim yourself now.

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