Believe Behavior! Why Narcissists Exploit & Laugh at Your Vulnerabilities GUEST – Kim Saeed

Do you so want to believe someone loves you, yet it just doesn't feel like it? In this episode, I'm talking about what to really believe about someone. My guest, Kim Saeed, and I talk about narcissistic behavior, and why they need to put you down, tear you down.

Too many people readily believe the words a person speaks, even when their behavior is screaming the opposite. Why do they do that? Why do you? It's an interesting, though detrimental, habit.


  • Learn three kinds of empathy that can help with understanding the Hijackal behavior
  • How Hijackals learn what to do to get what they want from you
  • Why Hijackals are scornful of your vulnerabilities--even though they encourage you to share them
  • What the biggest misconceptions about Hijackals--including those narcissists--is

Yes, it's a habit, one that you learned as a child. Today, I give you some very good reasons why it is not serving you--or your relationships--well, and what to replace it with. This can change EVERYTHING in the way you approach life, too.

You may not want to believe it's true, but IT IS!

Get this one right down to your toes, and your life will be SO much better. I promise!

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GUEST: KimSaeed of

Kim Saeed is an internationally respected self-help author and educator specializing in recovery and rebuilding after toxic relationships. She is the founder of Let Me Reach, a life transformation site that teaches people to flourish after narcissistic abuse.

Kim is the author of the Kindle bestseller, How to Do No Contact Like a Boss! and is currently writing an upcoming book, The Way of the Warrior.

"During the detox from a toxic relationship, it's very common for those in recover to ruminate obsessively over their EX and the events that led to the disintegration of the relationships. This results from addiction to the reward-and-punishment peptides that the victim's brain formed during the course of the relationship.

Obsessive thinking is often the result of your subconscious mind's attempt to re-abuse you in the absence of your toxic partner, simply in order to get those peptides flowing again." ~ from Kim's ebook, How to Do No Contact Like a Boss.

And, why do Hijackals® exploit you, and laugh at you, especially after you've shared a vulnerability? Listen in, and learn a new way.

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