I'm tired. Tired of hype. Tired of marketing language based on urgency and scarcity and fear. Tired of reading email headlines that tell me I can:

  • Make millions with three easy steps
  • Remove my resistance to abundance that is preventing me from being a millionaire
  • Understand the keys to the millionaire mindset

...and, I better do it in the next twelve seconds or the offer will disappear, or the room will fill, or some other supposedly dire consequence will ensue. You know them because you likely get them daily, too.

I'm tired of what I call the "oatmeal box principle of becoming a millionaire." You know, that definition of eternity where the oatmeal box has a picture of a boy eating oatmeal with the box beside him that has a picture of a boy eating oatmeal that has a picture of... You get it. How that principle works here, to my mind, is that the email author promises to show me how to become a millionaire--something they may or may not have achieved, but, anyway...with the hopes of becoming a millionaire by teaching me how to become a millionaire.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for making money. I applaud happy millionaires. I acknowledge that the marketing works because people think they SHOULD want to be a millionaire. After all, who wouldn't? I guess it is just that being a millionaire is not a motivator for me. I prefer the richness of a life of aligning my values, vision, beliefs and purpose: a consciously chosen life. It includes really caring about myself and my relationships with people and ideas and my spiritual path. Of course, if that leads to millions, I accept. But, if a marketer thinks I'm going to be drawn in by the opportunities they offer to give them what they want so that they can continue to dangle new opportunities in front of me to ask for more money, it's unlikely that I'll even open the email. I've opened too many already and that's what lead me to write these words today.

DISCLAIMER: There are wonderfully-wise people who do, can and have lead me to better ways of thinking and doing. I'm not talking about those folks. I sincerely hope I am one of them. I'm talking about the folks you find in your inbox every day or so with a new line, a new offer and a new way of making you feel you cannot live without their over-priced product.

Am I alone in this?


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