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Difficult People At Work Make You Want to Stay Home

Hijackals®, aka chronically difficult people at work, can create a daily hell when you have to interact with them. How do they show up and what can you do with them? A few weeks ago, my colleague and friend, Robert Imbriale, invited me to talk about my term, Hijackals–those chronically difficult people at work–on his…

Setting Boundaries That are Clear & Well-Expressed?

Ever feel used, abused and confused?  It may be that you are suffering from “Boundaryitis”.  Boundaryitis ! You’re inflamed because people walk all over you. You have no boundaries to keep you safe. That’s what boundaries are for. Boundaries are fundamentally important to creating healthy relationships. They are essential in relationships with people you love, or…

Relationship Help: Are You Engaged in All-or-Nothing Thinking?

From mountains to molehills, from molehills to mountains, and nowhere in between. That’s the dangerous territory of an all-or-nothing thinker who actually feels s/he is playing it safe! If you and/or your partner are all-or-nothing thinkers, this blog post will give you insights into why you need relationship help to recognize, understand and make decisions…

Answers To Common Relationship Questions

Hi, I’m Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor. I’m here to offer answers to your relationship questions.  When life and love feel crazy-making, you need insights, skills, strategies….and answers. Those, I offer.  I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get unstuck and clearer on their best next steps for more than twenty-five years. Read More > >