Why You Shouldn’t Go Back to a Hijackal® & How To Stay Away Dr. Rhoberta Shaler


You’re out! You likely took a long time to make the decision to leave the narcissist, or in my terms, the #Hijackal. You also likely talked yourself out of it more than a few times, right?

Then, you make your move for all the right reasons. It’s difficult AND you do it.

Uh-oh! Now, you’re second-guessing your decision, and beating yourself up a bit.

NO! Please don’t!

Remind yourself that you left for all the right reasons.


  • Why you may think that going back is a good idea
  • How to know it’s a very bad idea
  • What to do when you are tempted to go back
  • Trauma-bonding can keep pulling you back and you need to recognize that
  • Six active steps to take to make a good start on your new life away from a #Hijackal

Of course, none of this is so easy when you’re feeling unsure, alone, and maybe even a little helpless…at least, once you’re in your new place all alone. Right?

That’s when the doubts creep in, You wonder if you did the right thing. You start romanticizing the past and remembering only the good parts. Oh, I know, I’ve been there, and I left, too.

So today, I’m talking about understanding what may be driving you to think of going back to the abusive relationship. I give you SIX practical and immediate things to do to stay on the path of leaving, and keep yourself on an even keel while staying away. So important for your growth, self-esteem, and self-confidence!

Every client I have who has told me stories of leaving a #Hijackal and going back has said how much s/he regretted that decision. Some of them actually left a couple of times before they moved away for good.

It’s not easy, because you’re emotionally addicted. You may not like to think of yourself in those terms, but basically, that’s what has been going on.

To break any addiction, you have to go through a rough patch. If you go back, you have to go through the rough patch again. Not so smart, right?

You deserve to create a life that is calm, peaceful, creative, and productive. A #Hijackal wants to be sure that you do not.

No emotional safety when you’re in a relationship with a Hijackal!

Once, you recognize this, you’ll need more information to change that. You’ll find that in many other episodes of this podcast, and on my YouTube channel, too.

If you need help with any part of the journey with–and from–a #Hijackal, I’m here for you. Let’s talk soon. I make it easy and accessible for you to have your first one-hour session with me for only $97.

Make positive changes NOW.

Big hugs,


What folks have said…
You have no idea how much that helped – thank you so much – I wish you love., peace and a night filled with stars and sweet dreams xx Thank you for this excellent video. It was so helpful. Hard subject matter that you explained clearly and truthfully. I appreciate you and the knowledge that you are sharing.
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