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I love the dictionary! Yes, I know, you cannot really love inanimate things, but that book surprises me, supports me, and challenges me. Sometimes, I honestly believe a word is just right for my purpose and I look it up and it is more than just right. It’s precise definition is perfect! After reading the definition, then, I am even more inspired to write.

Today, the word ‘want’ jumped into my mind and I was curious to see what it really means. I use it frequently in seminars in the context of knowing what you want. Somehow, I felt a little niggle that it might not express what I thought it was expressing. So, here’s the scoop:


  • 1. to be needy or destitute
  • 2. to have or feel need
  • 3. to be necessary or needed
  • 4. to desire to come, go or be
  • 5. to fail to possess in the required amount: LACK
  • 6. to have a strong desire for
  • 7. to have an inclination to
  • 8. to have need of
  • 9. to suffer from lack

Some of those definitions would work for me, however, not the first few! How about you?

WOW! Am I needy? Better find out what that means. I looked it up and found it was all about lack. Now, then, this is getting interesting. I clearly wish to affirm abundance and prosperity in every way every moment and that requires clear language. What language would be more affirmative?

Maybe, the word I’m looking for is “desire”. Aha! That’s it! I have desires–things I long for, request, invite. Yes, that’s it. My question to ask now is: “What Do You Desire?” That feels better to me.

Too picky about words? Maybe. Words have vibrations and create mental images for the subconscious mind to manifest. Desire is a much more powerful image than want in my books. How about yours? Will you join me in focusing on your desires? (Now, don’t go there!!!!)

So, I have learned something today from simply listening to what popped into my head. I wonder where that thought came from???!!! There’s no question in my mind so I’ll just keep listening.

What's your favorite word?

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