Healing Brain Fog, Fatigue & Depression Naturally GUEST: Dr. Brindusa Vanta

If you feel like you cannot think straight, are too tired to enjoy life, or can’t find any joy in it, you’ll want to listen. Learn about the natural ways in which you can heal by addressing physical and emotional issues well.

GO WITH YOUR GUT! How many times have you heard that?

Sure, most folks are talking about intuition and gut feelings, but did you know that the seat of health is in your gut, your microbiome?

Worth knowing, right? Better yet, and more worth knowing, is learning about taking good care of your microbiome to encourage health, in every way.


  • What is included in “natural medicine?”
  • What is homeopathy?
  • How is brain health related to physical health?
  • What can happen to a body in a long-term toxic relationship?
  • What can I do to stop triggering inflammation in my body?
  • What are Dr. Vanta’s four steps to overcoming disease?
  • What supplements does Dr. Vanta suggest for improving brain health?
  • What can you do that is both natural and helpful for overcoming depression?

Dr. Brindusa Vanta has used her training as a medical doctor, and her vast interest and research, to understand the foundations of health, and how to return to it when it seems to be seeping away. She shares these findings with you, and helps you to find a path to better health. Fabulous!

Depressed? Anxious? Feeling like you can’t think straight and everything’s a bit fuzzy?

Dr. Vanta shares five important considerations for overcoming depression, and her four mindset shifts for overcoming disease in general. Yahoo! Only four. You can do that, right?

Because I help people who are–or, have been–experiencing toxic relationships, I asked Dr. Vanta about the effects of toxic relationships on the body and mind. In particular, I asked about the link between toxic relationships and the development of autoimmune diseases. You want to be very mindful of this. The sooner you leave the toxic situation, the sooner you can heal.

Got inflammation? You’ll want to hear the psychoneurology and mind-body connections that can be involved. Let’s all stop triggering inflammation now!

Listen in. You, your body, and your relationships will benefit from spending this time learning from Dr. Brindusa Vanta.


brain fogDr. Vanta graduated from a top medical school in Romania in 2001, with a wealth of knowledge and a strong belief that the use of prescription drugs is the only solution for overcoming diseases.

After moving to Canada, she was keen to get her MD license. Despite several obstacles, she successfully passed the tests required to apply for a Canadian license. While she was in a lengthy process of getting into the residency program in 2005, a personal event made her explore nutrition and alternative medicine.

She then enrolled in an advanced program for physicians at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto.

In 2008, she got involved in medical research focused on natural therapies and shifted her focus from conventional medicine to alternative medicine.

Dr.Vanta’s mission is to help people transform their health and vitality using the power of nutrition and natural medicine.

She is a medical researcher who makes use of latest and scientific studies on brain health and provides one on one consultations to clients from around the world.

Key area of expertise: brain health and how to supercharge your brain.Naturally.


Test your brain health. Take her free quiz at



LinkedIn: @DrBrindusaVanta5918

Facebook: @Dr-Brindusa-Vanta

Instagram: @ForeverHomesforFosterKidsCA

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Great job! I love all of your videos! I filed for divorce and your videos helped me to do it without crying! You helped me to see clearly now that I deserve so much more. Thank you for your amazing work.
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