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What Steve Jobs taught us about connecting the dots

Life is a continuum. It doesn’t go in fits and starts, even when it seems to be lurching from joy to crisis. Steve Jobs’ legacy for living was to help us see the bigger picture when we could choose to stay complaining in the dark. Have you ever dreaded meeting someone because you knew they…

Relationship Help: Making excuses is inexcusable

Anticipating a new client in my counseling practice today, I came in early. Preparing for her arrival, I was reflecting on what little I knew about her, yet understanding how great her need was to begin the process of unwrapping and unpacking things that were standing in the way of moving on with life and…

Relationship Problems: Avoid Auto-Pilot & Cruise Control!

Relationship problems are often the natural result of thinking that our relationships come equipped with auto-pilot and cruise control. BIG MISTAKE!   Relationship problems arise when we think our relationships can fall into the “Set & Forget” category of life. What are you thinking? People–and, more frequently,  men people–think that once the partner, spouse or soulmate…

Relationship Help Quotes: Collaboration

For a world that works, we have to learn to work together, jointly, to collaborate.  These quotes provide some wisdom for improving collaboration and thereby resolving relationship problems. COLLABORATION QUOTES It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin Read More > >


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