Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy, right?

You. You sabotage yourself, your goals and your relationships.

When you do that, you're not playing on your own team!

Oh, and the hard truth is that most folks are really, really good at justifying the sabotage, too. All the reasons you think someone will buy for why you quit on yourself won't get you where you want to go! But, you'll have a lot of people who are willing to let you off the hook.

Why are they so willing to let you off the hook, to let you squelch on the deals you make with yourself? Because if they let you off, the expectation is that you'll let them off, too. What a vicious circle!

A little hard hitting? Yes, it is. But, you know what? You cannot take your life, goals and relationships in the direction you SAY you want to go, when you are so willing to take tempting parking spots on the road. You may even be creative and explain away your detours. But, you're the one who isn't getting where you say you are headed.

So, what's the truth? Do you really want to go where you say, or are you saying that you want to because other people expect you to? 

It makes a great story. But, it's your life. So, who are you really fooling?

Will Rodgers said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. ”  He's right. And, especially, if you just sit there talking about where you think you should be going!

What does it take to play on your own team?  

First, know the game you want to play. If the "fooling myself by talking" is your style, that is a common game. It goes along with those other games, "the world conspires against me, ain't it awful, and s/he done me wrong." It's not hard to have a whole lot of people on this team. Problem is they are all just sitting around complaining about the field, the obstacles, the weather, their previous coaches, and the pointlessness of getting on with it. Lots of talk, though.

If "getting off the dime and creating the life I want" is your style, that puts you in a much better league. You'll even have people who want to really play on your team, too, people who want to support you and walk with you. When you're in this league, people are attracted to you because you have direction, purpose and energy. They may even be happy to give you a hand up!

  • So, what are you doing?
  • What's your game?
  • What's the story you're telling yourself?
  • Is it the truth, or the story others will buy?
  • Who's in your huddle?

And, you'll always be able to tell if you are playing on your own team by the results, of course. But, the way you'll feel is the real score!

Start now. Baby steps count. It's taking them one after the other, day after day, that makes all the difference.

If you need help to get to playing on your team, let's talk.  I'll help you uncover the clarity and create the steps to create the life, business and relationships that you know want. You cannot do it any younger, so, let's get started. You can make an appointment yourself HERE and we can meet via Zoom video from anywhere in the world...and get going!  



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