Housebound With A Hijackal? 16 Forms of Emotional Domestic Violence to Recognize NOW!

Emotional domestic violence is far more prevalent than physical domestic violence, yet, neither get nearly enough notice or understanding

During the self-isolating shutdown, domestic violence has increased greatly. Hopefully, that will draw attention to the many people who need to be safer than they are.

Unfortunately, the women and men who are being emotionally abused–experiencing emotional domestic violence--will once again go unnoticed. A BIG PROBLEM!


  • How having to stay home with a #Hijackal increases the likelihood of domestic violence
  • Emotional abuse IS domestic violence
  • Recognizing 16 forms of emotional domestic violence generally takes in most #Hijackals
  • Stepping back to allow yourself to see that you are being emotionally abused and do NOT deserve it
  • Knowing that abuse is NOT YOUR FAULT (although a Hijackal tries to makes everything your fault )

Emotional domestic abuse on its own doesn’t come with visible choke marks, bruises, casts, contusions, and black eyes. It comes with DEEP, LONG-LASTING EMOTIONAL SCARS! Fortunately, those can be helped to heal.

It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken about the many facets of emotional abuse. You need to keep them clearly in view. You need to step back from your relationship and recognize what’s actually happening. Sometimes, you’re so worn down by the tearing down and putting down that comes your way from a #Hijackal, that you can hardly face the enormity of it.

Before you listen to this episode, I invite you to be in a place where you can have some time after listening to process your feelings. Take a bottle of water and sit down with your journal, and think about:

  • How many of these forms of emotional abuse are you experiencing?
  • How long have you been experiencing these?
  • If it is your partner who behaves this way, did you have a parent who was also emotionally abusive?
  • Have you become so used to the abuse that you recognize now that you need help?
  • Do you make excuses for the #Hijackal’s behavior?
  • Do you rationalize or justify the emotional abuse?

Very important questions to ponder, and spend some time answering. I know you’re tired, probably emotionally exhausted. That’s just how a #Hijackal wants you to be. Then, your thinking may be cloudy and the Hijackal will happily prey on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Emotional domestic abuse is real. I’m always here to help you. Listen to more podcasts. Watch my videos on YouTube: .

And, if you want to talk with me directly, become a member of my Support Circles, or work with me directly at

This is SERIOUS STUFF! I’ll walk with you on the healing journey.

Big hugs!



What folks have said…
In this program, the information shared was very enlightening. The Personal Weather Report(TM) is a great tool to use everyday and I get in touch with my thoughts, feelings, needs, ad wants. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler really knows the dynamics of relationships.

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