Where To Find Your Emotional Resiliency Guest: Susan Dascenzi

One thing is a for sure: living with a #Hijackal requires resiliency if you’re not to be emotionally exhasted. Here’s the inspiration you need to find the energy to respond in healthier ways to #narcissists…and to life itself.

What do you think the balance is between trust and fear? Is there one? How do you create it?

You’ll need that to be emotionally resilient, especially after emotional abuse.


  • Why it is important to know what story is tied to the physical sensations you experience
  • What is it that drives your fears, beliefs, and challenges with communication, and with others
  • Susan Dascenzi’s 5 part Truth Process
  • How Susan dealt with the abuse of an ex-husband
  • How Susan learned to see toxic situations and toxic people as gifts
  • How you can protect yourself from the #Hijackal toxicity
  • How to be aware of your own issues that need healing
  • Why Susan says emotions are illusions and the truth is a lie

Susan Dascenzi talks about emotions as “energy in motion,” a new idea to consider in light of her explanation, for sure. This changes things!

Susan has walked through many things as a six-time survivor of sexual assault. She brings a unique perspective because, not only has she been aware of her spiritual core since the age of four, but she sees her challenges with difficult people and toxic relationships as gifts. Even, her emotionally abusive ex-husband!

Obviously, she brings hope to you in this interview!

Susan is a licensed psychotherapist, so her insights come from her experience and her expertise. She has processed so much of what most people who have lived with emotional abuseverbal abuse, and sexual abuse need to walk through in order to move into a new space of healing and peace within.

Great conversation! How about vulnerability? It doesn’t always feel safe when you’re with a #Hijackal, does it? Listen as we discuss the balance between fear and trust, and how to achieve it.

Big hugs,



Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, VSTCLP, LCSW

Licensed Psychotherapist – Coach – Author – Speaker

Susan L. Dascenzi, “The Possibilities Curator,” has invested the last 27 years guiding her clients in shattering limiting beliefs, negative conditioning, and overcoming past experiences to become the conscious creator of an infinitely powerful life. Her Infinite Possibilities framework, developed after she experienced six sexual assaults that nearly ended her life, has empowered both her, and her clients, to thrive in the face of tremendous obstacles.

She is a co-author in Pebbles in the Pond—Wave 4 alongside Neale Donald Walsch and Marci Shimoff. Susan’s book, based on her Infinite Possibilities framework, is currently in the editing phase of production. Her naturally vulnerable and authentic speaking style endears her audiences as she uses personal and professional stories, analogies, and humor to destroy the

long-held beliefs that rob people of their power and future. A highly-regarded human behavior and emotions expert, she inspires and uplifts while honoring others with compassion, grace, and tenderness.

SUSAN DASCENZI has a gift for you: The Secret to Loving Yourself: A Guide to Emotional Resiliency

Find it HERE.

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