Reclaiming Your Body after an Emotionally Abusive Relationship GUEST: Anna-Thea

You may feel unsafe after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship where sex was a demand or commodity. Wonderful insights for releasing your fear about new intimate relationships.

For many women–and men, too–restoring a feeling of safety to enjoy sexual intimacy seems a long way off. Anna-Thea share invaluable insights for regaining that sense of safety.


  • Why we have to redefine love
  • What makes the Feminine special and Sacred
  • How attracting a healthy person requires being healthy yourself
  • Why your body is not a “negotiation”
  • Where the meeting place between safety and vulnerability is


Trust, too, can be a big issue. In fact, letting a new person into your life at all can cause concern. That’s natural. You are wise to take care of yourself. Today’s insights in this episode can help so much!

You want to attract a healthier partner this time, I know. It’s SO important that you feel safe to establish sexual intimacy, and that means establishing emotional intimacy first! Sure, sex can be exciting just for it’s own sake. It’s not usually a good way to begin a relationship, though, if you’re hoping for a long-term relationship.

Yes, I know, there is often a feeling of pressure to be intimate in many early relationships. Resist the urge to have sex until you actually feel emotionally safe with someone! Does that seem do-able and/or wise?

Today, Anna-Thea and I talk about why we have to redefine love in order to see healthier pathways to create and experience it. You can have great sex with someone and never be able to talk about your feelings, for instance. Is that a good thing for you? Not likely if you’re hoping to have a healthy relationship with a partner in life!

Do you need help to make the shift to consider a new relationship after leaving an emotionally abusive one? We can talk.

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Anna-Thea educates women to connect to the power and sacredness of their feminine side – certified from the Divine Feminine Institute as a Divine Feminine Educator and Spiritual Sexual Educator. Graduating with honors with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, she also holds a double certification in yoga and taught yoga for many years. She now focuses her attention on Divine Feminine Education.

Her book “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body” offers powerful insights for women.


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