GUEST: Lisa Marie Platske

Today, I'm sharing four important--actually essential--principles to grow your businessincrease your effectiveness, and create relationships you most want. Tall order...and, these work!

You've heard that "attitude is everything." There's truth in that, and we also need focus, attention, and intention, too. There really is method in the madness of achieving the success in life that you want, on all levels. AND, I want to encourage you to create success on your own terms. Not success based on "shoulds" or societal expectations. Success based on who you are, what you value and believe, and what you feel called to create.

These four principles are the keys to conscious creation. Use them daily.

GUEST: Lisa Marie Platske, CEO of UpsideThinking, and award-winning leadership, connection, and positioning expert

Lisa Marie Platske is an award-winning leadership expert and a #1 international best-selling author of Designing Your Destiny and Turn Possibilities into Realities. She uses her law enforcement journey. which began on the piers of New York and ended post 9/11, and shares what exceptional leaders do differently and how to be positioned as an expert in order to seize big opportunities. She understands how to develop the skills, mindsets, and abilities to be a leader worth following!

Lisa Marie shares how she overcame toxicity in her own life, and her strategies for staying toxic-free. A big part of that journey is arriving at the clarity required. Listen for those tips.


  • Why it's so important to know and live your values
  • How to get clarity on your goals and purposes
  • What it requires to be present--truly present--to someone's pain
  • Why is it essential to recognize the facts of an experience, and not just the emotional components.
  • What does it mean to be a leader, and a leader in your own life

Lisa Marie helps leaders in business develop themselves to live and express their values and vision. Being congruent in these ways is an amazing foundation for being a wildly successful, influential leader, no matter the size of the community you lead.


Website: UpsideThinking.com
Twitter: @UpsideThinking


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