A little uncertain about starting a new relationship at mid-life? Or, about trusting a new person after a divorce? Especially if that last person was narcissistic or toxic? You'll want these insights, for sure!


  • What you need to discuss with a new partner
  • When is the right time to talk about your past relationships
  • How to approach dating again, especially after a difficult, toxic relationship
  • Aging is real. How to talk about all that.
  • What about boundaries?
  • How do you solve problems in a new relationship


Are you a little shy about dating, or moving into a new relationship at mid-life, or after a divorce?

What if you've been married once or twice? Do you have confidence to date again? Do you have confidence in choosing a new partner after divorce?

OK! Yes, there are a few fear-inspiring issues about dating again after a divorce, right?

Can I trust a new person?

Can I trust myself?

Will you see red flags?

When am I ready for emotional intimacy?

When do I consider moving to the bedroom and sexual intimacy?

What do I need to talk about to help a new partner understand me?

When do I talk about my past relationships?

Oh, yes! A few things to consider, for sure. That's why this fabulous conversation with Dr. Margaret Rutherford is so valuable--and practical--for you to listen to right now...and to share with your friends who are thinking about dating again.


new relationship at mid-lifeDr. Margaret Rutherford, a clinical psychologist, has practiced for twenty-six years in Fayetteville, Arkansas., Her work can be found at DrMargaretRutherford.com, where she blogs weekly, as well as HuffPost, Psych Central, The Mighty, the Gottman Blog and others. She hosts a weekly podcast, SelfWork with Dr. Margaret Rutherford. Her new book, Perfectly Hidden Depression, will be published by New Harbinger in 2019.

Dr. Margaret as she's known to her followers decided to extend the walls of her practice almost 7 years ago and now blogs and podcasts about her ideas on depressionperfectionism and its antidote -- vulnerability. Her podcast has earned more than half a million downloads as people are tuning in to learn more about therapy and what makes real change happen.


Website: DrMargaretRutherford.com



Facebook: Facebook.com/DrMargaretRutherford

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