High-Conflict Couples exhaust themselves and, eventually, the relationship.

Recognize abuse. You may be thinking it's your fault.Because High Conflict Couples have one or both partners who:

  • Just want to keep the conflict going, any conflict.
  • Blames, shames and/or judges…and then justifies his/her own behaviors by making it their partner’s fault.
  • Is always seeing the downside potential in everything.
  • Holds on to ideas and approaches that don’t work but they don’t change.
  • Seems to have difficulty empathizing with anyone.
  • Manipulates facts into emotional conclusions s/he thinks are facts
  • Is sure that any problem was not caused by him or her….ever!
  • Don’t think there is a problem with them and therefore do not need any professional help.
Why is this so? Because one or both partners operate mainly from their fears.

These very real fears play out in repeated patterns, particularly when the couple is arguing–which they do a lot!  Whatever they are arguing about is likely not life or death, but the engagement in the fight for anything seems like it is. People living from these fears feel as though they are fighting for their lives, even when the argument is about where to have dinner!  You need relationship help right now.


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