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Every Thursday, enjoy a new topic from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to help you improve your relationships–with yourself, your loved ones, and the rest of world, too.

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Every Saturday, get the insights you need to see, understand, and make good decisions and changes to manage the difficult, toxic–often disturbing–relationships with the people Dr. Shaler calls Hijackals®!

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Is your relationship in crisis?
Are you tired of constant Drama?
Raised by Toxic Parents?
Too much Crazing-Making Conflict?
Need help dealing with Relentlessly Difficult People?

I’ll bring you new perspectives to create healthy, “grown-up” relationships.

This is the only talk radio show devoted to helping you handle those relentlessly difficult people I call “Hijackals®.” Those are people who hijack your relationship for their own purposes. Then, they continually scavenge it for power, status, and control.



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More about what you’ll hear and learn:

You need to see these relationships clearly so that you can make informed decisions what to do about them. It may be with your partner, your ex, a parent, friend, or co-worker. They are abusive, and you need to see the traits, patterns, and cycles clearly.

Want to know why you’ve attracted a Hijackal? Or, how to leave one? Co-parent with one? 
What to do to set and maintain stronger boundaries with them? 
When to know you must leave?

I cover so much during The Relationship Help Show: Handling Hijackal Havoc.

Hear my guests: experts, authors, and folks who have been the unwitting prey of Hijackals, too.

Each show, I’ll share practical insights, strategies, and skills to stop the endless cycle of crazy-making behavior, alienation, and constant drama of troubled relationships.

Listen on Tuesdays at 6 PM Pacific Time:

Listen to the archives anytime:

Enjoy my amazing expert guests, too. I invite my expert colleagues to share very specific information you need when dealing with difficult and disturbing people.

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Dr. Rhoberta Shaler


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