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We have great podcasts to help you create the healthiest life and relationships you've ever experienced...the ones you long for, where you are seen, heard, known, acknowledged, accepted, and appreciated!

Every Tuesday, enjoy a new conversation with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and a carefully chosen expert guest. You’ll get excellent information, insights, and strategies for clearly seeing what is going on in your relationship with yourself, your partner, your parents, teens, children, co-workers, and those difficult toxic people Dr. Shaler calls Hijackals®.

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Every Saturday, get the insights you need to see, understand, and make good decisions and changes to manage the difficult, toxic–often disturbing–relationships with the people Dr. Shaler calls Hijackals®! Tips about loving them, living with them, leaving them, being raised by them, divorce, court, custody, alienation, pain, and more!

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Latest episodes:

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Is your relationship in crisis?
Do you wish you had more confidence?
Are you tired of constant Drama?
Do you feel comfortable to speak up when you're put down?
Raised by Toxic Parents?
Do you know want to have better boundaries?
Too much Crazing-Making Conflict?
Do you need help to see your relationship clearly?
Need help dealing with Relentlessly Difficult People?

I'm Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor.  I offer urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis.

I'll bring you new perspectives, insights, and strategies to create healthy, “grown-up” relationships...and to shift away from relationships that are unhealthy, controlling, and dysfunctional.
You want to feel equal, to experience reciprocity without score-keeping, to know someone has your back while walking by your side. Because nothing less will do!

This is the only podcast devoted to helping you handle those relentlessly difficult people I call "Hijackals®." Those are people who hijack your relationship for their own purposes. Then, they continually scavenge it for power, status, and control. They leave you feeling gutted, discarded, devalued, and emotionally raped.


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