3 MUST-HAVES For Relationships Between Adults To Be Healthy

Relationships cannot be healthy without these three foundational pieces, and it certainly won’t be happy. Whether it’s a relationship with a partner, parent, sibling, or adult child, measure it against these. If it doesn’t measure up, fix it or end it!


  • The three essentials to having a healthy relationship with another adult
  • See why these are must-haves in your relationship with your partner, parent, sibling, or adult child
  • Why people overlook the upmost importance of these to the potential for happiness
  • Five relationship gifts from my book, Kaizen for Couples, that must be present for the relationship to thrive

In a previous episode, I promised to create an episode on my fundamental, absolute MUST-HAVES for a healthy relationship with another adult. Here it is!

Whether that relationship is with your partner (most important), your parent, sibling, or adult children, these three things must be present or you are going to have pain, distress, stress, and resentment. Not good ingredients for a relationship you want to stay in, right?

If you cannot develop, grow, or deepen these three must-haves, or only one person in the relationship wants to, you have big things to think about and big decisions to make. You’ll especially have to think this through if you have children who are watching your relationship …and learning about who they are, how to have a relationship, and what it means to be a man or woman in one!

These foundations underlie every conversation you are likely to have in and about your relationship, too. They are that basic.

Yet, often, you’re so busy with the day-to-day incidents and must-do’s that they go unaddressed. Too big. Too pervasive. Maybe, too daunting to talk about?

I hope you’ll see the value of considering your relationships with your partner, parent, sibling, or adult child in light of these relationship must-haves, and take the time to delve deeply into what is present in your relationship, what you’re enabling in your relationship, and what you’re settling for.

What folks have said…
My partner offered me your video.. however, I am mind boggled that it is her that is the Hijackal.. it all makes sense to me right now… I always knew that she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and I am always to blame.. and eventually I started to believe her as I love her .. Oh my god! your video is incredible and enlightening.. I feel secure again within myself.  
incredible and enlightening

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