Housebound With A Hijackal? 4 Life-Saving, Immediate Antidotes To Their Toxicity

Hijackals are crazy-making, and in trying times, they get worse! If you’re spending more time than usual at home with one, you need these positive internal responses to that crazy-making to balance you and save your sanity.

Still stuck with too much time up close and personal with a #narcissistic #Hijackal? That can be so difficult!

They can be such emotional vampires, sucking energy out of every room.

And, you end up getting way too much exercise walking on eggshells!


  • What to do when complaining, blaming, and shaming come at you #narcissisticabuse
  • Recognizing gaslighting
  • An exercise to empower you when a #Hijackal wants to define your reality for you
  • Understanding true assertiveness and how to express it well
  • How to take charge of your breath and use it to modify your state
  • Affirmations to help you stay present and positive in the face of negativity and blame

This is the third in this Housebound With A Hijackal. In previous parts of this series, I’ve suggested never poke a #Hijackal. That just makes sense: they rage, threaten, or demean and it’s just not worth it. Nothing moves forward. Today, I’m taking four things that #Hijackals do, and giving you internal antidotes–things you can do within yourself–to neutralize the external toxicity of the Hijackal. You know, those toxic demeaningdevaluingdiscountingdismissive ways along with the raging torrents of words and energy that are usually quite out of proportion with what’s actually happening!

Knowing that you have effective tools in your toolkit for those moments when a Hijackal dances on your last nerve is empowering…if you remember to use the tools. There is that, right? lol

These four strategies will help you always, even when you’re not housebound with a Hijackal. I think you’ll find such relief that you’ll use them often. I hope you will, that’s for sure.


What folks have said…
Thank you for understanding me when no one else can, thank you for being here for me when no one else can. You are beacon of light in the darkness of my situation This is so true what you are talking about LoL . Thank you, I have never heard about this [diagnosis] earlier in life. Thank you, God Bless You
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