Why It’s Healthiest to Focus on Yourself, Not on the Narcissist

Don’t Lose or Abandon Yourself!

Narcissistic people want all the attention as well as all the air in the room, right? You can find yourself giving it to them in hopes of them treating you better or liking/loving you more. Turn this around. Listen in to why you need to turn the focus on yourself and turn away from trying to please the narcissist.

This episode is very specifically focused on your relationship with a Hijackal, or any narcissistic person. It is based on the dynamic that the Hijackal wants to continuously create and how it is different from a healthy relationship. Hijackals are NOT self-reflective. You know that. You can lose yourself in meeting the demands, or believing the accusations of a narcissistic person, right? It usually happens slowly over time. Listen in to recognize if it’s time for you to turn things around and go in a healthier direction for yourself (and your children.)


  • Why this episode focuses on a very specific kind of relationship. Check that out!
  • 3 Must-Haves of a Healthy Adult Relationship = Episode 115
  • Why you want to keep balance in any relationship regarding power, status, and control
  • Recognizing when it’s time to stop researching about toxic relationships and START making changes
  • Never let anyone habitually degrade, discount, or dismiss your needs, wants, feelings, or thought!

I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.


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