Why You Feel So Frozen, Stuck and Powerless With A Hijackal

The energetics of relationships with Hijackals can shut you down emotionally, and even physically. Understanding what happens within yourself, and why, can help you thaw, move, and take action in your own best interests. You need to hear this to empower yourself and get unstuck!


  • Energy exchanges can be damaging
  • How Hijackals are constantly sending “high charge: in your direction
  • The energetics of relationships
  • What happens when you cannot safely discharge energy

You are not powerless, although you may be feeling that way. You may be so worn down and torn down that you are overwhelmed by the negative energy that is always being sent your way.

We are energetic beings. We need to be balancing the positive and negative energy, the heightened and depressed energy, and therefore, we need to recognize when we are receiving or feeling too much charge, or the opposite: feeling depleted and exhausted. And, we need to know what’s causing it.

In this episode, I talk about the energetic interchanges of relationships with Hijackal–narcissists and anti-social folks, too.

What folks have said…
I listen to your podcast and your YouTube videos. I like the guest speakers. Your voice soothes and strengthens me. My emotional mother.
Past client

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