Understanding the meaning and power of self-love, and how to love yourself enough to have the best life possible

In today's episode, Dr. Shaler talks about what the term, "self-love" really means. We hear it spoken of so frequently that we may not think about what it actually means. It's not about being vain, arrogant, conceited, or self-centered. It's a very positive thing...when done in the light of what Rhoberta says today!

Highlights from THIS EPISODE:

  • What is the distinction between hearing "I love you" and actually feeling loved
  • What does it take to "feel filled up" with love
  • Why listening to yourself is essential to loving self-care
  • Is it possible you're not allowing yourself to have your feelings, and truly feel into them?
  • How anger can be your ally


"I remember when I would say anything positive, or good about myself. My mother would say, "That's conceited. Don't brag." I was left to wonder if it was some terrible sin to say I did well on a science test. Am I not supposed to mention anything I do well? I wondered how this all worked. Maybe you were raised with that big question, too. Very confusing!"

If this is at all familiar, listen in to recognize and realize that's all changed. It's healthy to have self-love, and it's the only thing that can help you find and enjoy healthy relationships, too. There is a new way of looking at self-love, and it's important to see it, enjoy it, and live fully expressing as a result.

GUEST: Pernilla Lillarose, Hakomi Therapist

self-lovePernilla shows women who feel unfulfilled inside how to stop compromising themselves and pleasing others. She helps them trust what they already know, so they can act from wisdom and power and step out of situations where they are not living their own deepest truth.

She is a Certified Hakomi Therapist, Self Love Mentor and Meditation Teacher and founder of Young Women Empowerment Circle. She is the author of numerous books relating to Self Love, Kindness and living in alignment with you who truly are. She also offers online classes about the global impact of True Self Love.

During this episode, Pernilla talks about the importance of feeling love vs. hearing someone say they love you. That's HUGE!

From a difficult childhood, Pernilla learned what it takes to actually feel loved, and to allow yourself to be loved, too.


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