It is essential to recognize when you are abandoning yourself. You may think it’s part of being a good person. It’s a delicate balance, for sure.

How do you re-establish that balance if you have become an enabler, or are codependent?  Listening to this episode is a very good start!


  • My practical definitions of self-abandonment, enabling, and codependence
  • So many ways to recognize how you may be abandoning yourself in many circumstances
  • How self-abandonment is part and parcel of enabling and codependence…and why
  • Four key strategies for overcoming self-abandonment
  • How to create emotional balance so that you can create more balanced relationships with my BIG three!

At the extreme, you abandon yourself when you totally accommodate another person’s needs and wants even when those needs, wants–and, even demands–are outrageous! Most people don’t go that far, and yet they abandon themselves.

Understanding what it is to be enabling another, or codependent on another, highlights ways in which you abandon yourself. Believe me, it’s not worth it! And, you may think there will be a payoff for doing it somewhere down the yellow brick road. No! No! Because people take advantage of enablers and co-dependents, and walk on them. Sad, but true!

Have you ever given up your dreams, hopes, interests, and aspirations in order for someone to be interested in you, like you, or hopefully love you? That’s a big sign of self-abandonment. And, only one of about twenty I share with you in this episode. Some are subtle and only you know they are happening within you. Others are more obvious and public. No, you don’t want those, either!

Do you recognize ways in which you’ve been abandoning yourself?  I’m here to help.

I wish you well.

Big hugs!


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