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What You Need First If You Want to Have Great Relationships. Host Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Do you know what the most important ingredient in a great relationship is? You don't find it. You have to bring it. Do you know what it is? You need to!

This episode is so important: a required ingredient for a great relationship! And, it may not be what you think.

We all live, work, or play with other humans, and we know it sometimes takes more skills than at other times. Some people are more work. Some people are toxic and you need to recognize that right away, and steer clear!

And, you may think that your past relationships define you. They can, but I hope they do not!

It's not rocket science to understand that your early training continues to play out in your life. What we got from our families tends to be your base line until you decide to consciously change your mind, and make things different. Are you ready and willing to change?

To have a rich, rewarding relationship with another human, you need to have one with yourself. It's that simple, but it's sure not easy. Learn some tips today to make it easier!


  • No matter what has happened to you in the past, you can change the present and future.
  • A rel-life example of how the past almost ruined a relationship with potential to be great...and long-lasting
  • Is it possible you go the extra mile for others, but you don't for yourself? What's that about?
  • The importance of your internal conversation about yourself
  • Do you deserve to have great relationships? The answer is "Absolutely YES!"

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