Fighting is what kids do because they have no skills and brains under construction! They don't know better. Some adults don't seem to know better, either. Hijackals definitely don't, right? Today's episode will help you, not them. That's a good thing!

Emotional grown-ups don't fight. Kids and needy adults fight.

You don't want to be one of those, so a few essential tips for you in today's episode.


  • Why fighting lacks emotional maturity. Not a surprise, really, right?
  • Why #Hijackals enjoy the fight
  • Three things you need to work out for yourself that will help you be assertive
  • How to improve your self-confidence when things need to be said
  • Why you cannot get anywhere with a #Hijackal by fighting

Fighting is what kids do. They do it because they are trying to establish boundaries, power, and a sense of who they are. They don't know yet. Their skills are almost non-existent, except for what they have seen the adult in their lives do. Were those good models? Hmmmm....

You don't want to fight, right? So, today, I'm suggesting you do these three big things to stay out of the fray.

You know fighting never works. You might feel like to "really told him off," or, "I told it like it is," but did it really accomplish anything?

Fighting with a #Hijackal is an absurdity, really. You can't get anywhere, and you don't feel better in the end. So, don't do it!

Sure, for a few minutes, you feel like you got rid of a bunch of pent-up anger, and you needed to get a whole lot off your chest. BUT, what is the result? Did anything really change, especially did anything change for the better? Not likely.

You need to be very clear within yourself about who you want to be and how you want to express yourself. Communicating clearly will empower you, I promise.So, these three things I talk about in today's episode are the very best starting places. Promise!

You matter! You deserve to be emotionally safe, so be sure you're the emotionally mature one, OK?

I hope this help you see that more clearly. If you need help with this, I'm here for you.


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