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There is an essential link between prosperity and peace. The more I think about it the clearer it becomes. If you want true prosperity on every level in your life AND you want to sustain it, then your first step is to establish peace within. The next step is to establish peace wherever you go, with whomever you encounter.

OK, you're thinking that those folks who won the lottery did not have peace before they won, right? Well, if all reports are correct, most folks were struggling before and most folks certainly did not have it after. Why? Because that is not true prosperity in any case.

True prosperity comes when you are living richly, no matter what your bank balance. In fact, I believe that so completely that I created an eight-CD set to help you achieve it. Living richly means living in alignment with your values, vision, beliefs and purpose...every day. And, the result of doing that is peace.

There is the infallible link between prosperity and peace. The word, prosperity, actually means:

"the condition of being successful or thriving"

and to prosper means:

"to succeed in an enterprise or activity; to become strong and flourishing"

Neither prosperity nor prospering can be maintained without peace. It's easy to see why that is so. When you are struggling, grasping, complaining or longing for, you are anything but peaceful. Those are evidence of the lack of peace with who you are, where you are, what you believe and what you are doing. That's not rocket science. It may not be a popular idea, and you may not want to agree, but it is self-evident.

Prosperity is a by-product of peace. Things come to you out of the expanse of your wholeness, not at its expense.
- Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

You cannot become something that is not the outforming of your own consciousness. You can only be you, which is the outpicturing of that consciousness. So, if you are living with struggle--and, who doesn't from time to time?--and making that your primary conversation in all conditions, circumstances and relationships, you're not doing much to create peace within. That is within your power to change. And, when you care enough about yourself to take time to establish peace within, regardless of what is going on in your life, relationships, career or country, you are on the path to prosperity.

It is not that simple. I recognize that. It takes constancy and consistency. You have to train yourself to maintain peace within and do what it takes to achieve it. When you do, you have prosperity on one level. You may be surprised, then, how prosperity on other levels also begins to establish itself.

There is an essential, direct link between your peace and your prosperity. At least, in my worldview and experience.

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