Best divorce possible from a narcissist? Yes, it's not going to be easy, but this will make it easier. How to prepare, plan, gather resources, and take a stand....and how to keep your legal bills down, too. You need this!

Best divorce possible from a narcissistic Hijackal? Does such a thing exist? Stay tuned.


  • Need to know things that make divorcing a narcissist different
  • Ways you can recognize that you're dealing with narcissism during a divorce (...just in case you weren't sure, right? lol)
  • Why preparation is particular important BEFORE you say you want a divorce
  • What preparation is required to divorce a narcissist
  • How to best shortcut the divorce process when a narcissist, a Hijackal, wants to make the divorce process last as long as possible
  • How to save money on legal bills in a divorce

Yes, divorce is often messy, and definitely messier when there is a difficult person, or a toxic person involved, those people I call Hijackals®!

All divorces--in my opinion--go in two clear ways: one end is a Divisive Divorce, and the other end is the Collaborative Divorce. There is a third that takes in the benign, neutral space in the middle that some people wander in, too.

If you're divorcing--or, divorced from--a narcissist, a Hijackal, you're definitely going to be on the Divisive end. That's because Hijackals MUST win, and divorce doesn't feel like that. So, the Hijackal wants to win every way to Sunday IN the divorce. That creates divisiveness, for sure, and also pain, stress, anxiety, and too much uncertainty and chaos. Nasty, but true.

Listen to these suggestions I have in the first part of today's episode of Emotional Savvy, and see how you could move towards a more collaborative arrangement--IF you're not an ex of a Hijackal, that is!

GUEST: Jason Levoy, The Divorce Resource Guy, and former divorce attorney.

divorceJason Levoy aka The Divorce Resource Guy, is a former divorce attorney turned divorce coach who works with people who have attorneys, or are representing themselves to get through the divorce process as quickly as possible, without spending thousands of dollars wasting time.

Jason is the creator of DivorceU, the most comprehensive and affordable divorce resource on the internet.

In today's conversation, Jason and I discuss the pitfalls of divorce, and how to prepare to avoid them. Especially when you've divorcing a relentlessly difficult person, you need these particular insights we're sharing today.


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