Here's another pop song that has a powerful message.

WARNING: there is some course language and strong images in this video - if that offends you, don't watch... or suspend judgement for a minute to listen to the bigger message.

Pink is fearless... and like [intlink id="1470" type="post"]Katy Perry[/intlink], is taking the message to the people... we're all ok. In fact, we're better than ok. We should all be celebrated, we should all celebrate each other!

Sowing peace every day includes accepting people as they are, including people from all walks of life, from all aspects of self-expression... especially ones you may not necessarily agree with.

How can one truly sow peace if one carries judgement for others based on external factors of colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, body type, fashion sense... It's part human nature to judge on those factors...we each have to make a conscious choice, every moment, to be open, tolerant, accepting, inclusive, loving, compassionate... ESPECIALLY when it feels hard to do. Those are the moments it's most important!



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