Dating? How to Spot Men Who’ll Only Waste Your Time GUEST Ronnie Ann Ryan

OK, this episode is for women, but guys, you’d do well to hear this, too! Dating takes guts. You need to spot the red flags, even though, you’re only wanting to see red roses! DON’T MISS THIS, or you could be wasting your time…and heart! Are you dating? Have you kissed more than your fair […]

Six Constantly Flying Red Flags That Should Tip You Off to Hijackals

You’re been in the relationship for a while. Maybe, it’s even your parent! Or, a new partner? Or, you’re waking up to the fact that you simply cannot please your partner because s/he WILL NOT be pleased, no matter what you do! Your partner may be a #Hijackal® Your partner may have narcissistic behaviors and self-centered motives. Your […]