What stops you from speaking up?

In this episode, Dr. Shaler shares compelling ideas about how you can be keeping yourself from having the life and relationships you most want.

What's getting in your way? What's stopping you? Do you know? Stop and think about it...seriously.

How are you with reasons, rationalizations, justifications, and plain ol' excuses? Maybe, it's time to think them through and see how they are serving you. Listen in for insights and inspiration for moving forward more powerfully.

You deserve to take up space and draw breath, so, why not take stock and see if you're making the most of it? There is no right way to be, and you are at your best when you are examining, and re-examining your focus, your goals, and your desired results. Rhoberta will help you think that through today. Listen in and be inspired to move in the direction of the life and love you want.

GUEST: Tina Dietz, Speaker, Audiobook Publisher, Podcast Producer, Content Marketing Expert

Tina Dietz is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed speaker, audiobook publisher, podcast producer, and content marketing expert who has been featured on media outlets including ABC. Inc.com, Huffington Post, and Forbes. Tina's podcast, The Start Something Show, was named by INC magazine as one of the top 35 podcasts for entrepreneurs. Tina's company, StartSomething Creative Business Solutions, connects leaders, entrepreneurs and experts with larger audiences, resulting in expanded influence and income. Tina divides her time between the US and Cost Rica, where she is part of a leadership team building a conscious community called Vista Mundo.

Tina knows some big things about speaking up! In fact, you could say she's outspoken...lol! With her support, so many people have found their voice and created their businesses, including podcasts. She helps them to become outspoken, too, to give the world the power of their insights, learning, and strategies for growth.

How does someone's voice affect you? Are you aware of its effect on you? You actually are calibrating another person's voice without even realizing...and so is everyone else!

How does your voice affect others? Your voice speaks volume--even before the impact of your words!

Your early life set you up for how you listen, what you pick up, and what you ignore or deny. What did you take on, and how is it serving me now?

Tina Dietz help people express themselves in the world through audio publishing. In Part Two of today's episode, Tina shared her entrepreneurial journey, and how she came to her current work. She is an international expert at helping her clients turn their books and ideas, into audio books and products.

How to ask good questions is imperative to interviewing others. Big talking points about this today!

So many turns and twists in this episode through life stories, Hijackals, and creating a wonderful business. You'll enjoy this, I think!

Here are some interview highlights:

  • Do you realize how you use your listening to navigate your life and relationships?
  • Are you in tune with it?
  • Why is it that you can hear your name spoken, even in a crowded room?
  • What did you learn early in life about who you are, and how intuitive you are?

Tina gives you insights into why this is and what the impact of it is on how you create your life, relationships, and business.


Website: StartSomethingCreativeBizSolutions.com

Twitter: @TheSuperStarter

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/TinaDietz

Facebook: Facebook.com/StartSomethingBusinessSolutions


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