Sometimes, we learn out greatest lessons by going through terrible pain and overcoming trauma.

It's never "worth it," in my opinion. But, it does change us, and can be the catalyst for our insights and growth. So, in that sense, we can be grateful for it.


  • how fear is an important factor to look deeply into for your healing
  • why it is essential to reconnect with yourself at deep levels
  • how to find compassion, love, and wisdom to have it work for you
  • learning to let go, and the results it creates
  • the learning curve of marrying into a different culture...and, the joys
  • Joy's transformational process

How that change shows up is in our attitude, understanding, and often in the quality of help we get to heal.

You may find some sad similarities in what Joy shares with the story of your relationship with a #Hijackal. For instance:

  • Do you feel imprisoned?
  • Held hostage?
  • Physically abused?
  • Drugged?

Joy shares her story and insights about moving through and past these terrible experiences, and overcoming trauma in the extreme, in order to have a fulfilling life.

Her journey through pain to a rich life with an amazing, supportive partner is inspiring. Today, we also talk about her long-time partner, love, and husband, and their cross-cultural marriage...and, all the learning she has to offer.

NOTE: I need to put a WORD in here: In my opinion, not everything that Joy shares May be directly applicable to your relationships with #Hijackals. Think about that, and ask me if you're wondering, by joining in the discussion groups in my Relationship Help Circles.


overcoming traumaJoy Idries certainly knows from personal experience how to move beyond struggle, fear, suffering and pain in her life and relationships to lasting freedom, happiness and joy.

Her forthcoming book, “Goodbye Suffering Hello Joy” describes her experience of coming through various abusive relationships and the after effects of decades of chronic and life-threatening illness and how it is possible for others to move through it too. The moment she moved out of suffering and found her joy was when her ‘WHY’ was born, to help many thousands break free from the chains of suffering, to unleash their own true freedom and joy.

Her deep experiential wisdom and expertise as a therapeutic counsellor, international Inner Journey facilitator and spiritual teacher serve perfectly in enabling others to create a radical shift for themselves and their relationships, right from the inside out.


Website: TrulyTransformational.co.uk

LinkedIn: @JoyIdries

Facebook: Facebook.com/TrulyTransformational

Twitter: @Lightanjoy



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