Real-life story! My guest, Lana Wolfe, found herself in a progressively abusive relationship. She openly shares her journey, pain, and difficulties leaving. Sadly, it's the story of many. Be inspired by how she achieved freedom, physically and emotionally!


  • Personal experience that you may relate to
  • Overcoming the fear of leaving and its consequences
  • Recognizing the slow progression of abuse
  • Why you might not want to call it abusive...at first
  • How to get over residual fears
  • Knowing why and how to set non-negotiable boundaries

Did you slowly recognize that you were on the receiving end of abuse?

In a relationship that you hoped would improve and you thought you might help?

Have you become entangled with life issues with someone you recognize as dangerous?

Lana's story is powerful. But, that power had to be developed, stepped into, and leveraged to walk away from an abusive relationship. It wasn't easy, or quick. Take inspiration from her journey, and know that even in the most dire situations, you can take life-saving steps, too. You're worth it. Listen in.

GUEST: LANA WOLFE, author of Like A Moth To A Flame: A Fatal Attraction

Lana Wolfe is a life coach helping others overcome fear and inner resistance. After spending 20 years in accounting, she embarked on a new career as an author, speaker and life coach. Following her near-fatal experience as told in her book, “Like a Moth to a Flame: A Fatal Attraction,” she overcame the trauma and developed the mantra of "fill your bucket before you kick the bucket." She is actively pursuing her passion to help women overcome fear, find inner peace and live the life of their dreams by checking things off their bucket list and live a life without regret. She wants to help people stop living the same-old dull life day after day and start living a fuller life every day.

In pursuit of her own dreams she is checking things off her bucket list such as raft through the Grand Canyon, touring the Redwood Forest, and hiking 14'ers in Colorado. Up next, she is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

WEBSITE: https://www.lanawolfe.com

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/LanaWolfeCoaching/?modal=admin_todo_tour

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lanawolfe26/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lana-wolfe-20415a15/


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