How Narcissistic Parents Damage Their Children

Learn about the effects the “upside down parenting” of narcissists and other Hijackals can have on your adult life and relationships. Great insights to help you make positive changes, and life easier. First, though, you have to see it clearly to understand what really happened to you.

Listen in to further understand the impact having a Hijackal parent makes. As a child, you have no experience and the inborn understanding that you need your parents to survive. With a Hijackal parent, things go sideways in the first two years of your life, and stay warped, slipped, and damaging throughout. IMPORTANT to recognize the facts in today’s episode to better understand why you do, think, and feel as you do in your adult life and relationships.


  • What tractability is
  • How tractaiblity leads to the “upside down parenting”
  • A main big difference between healthy and unhealthy parenting
  • Three big issues Hijackal and other narcissistic parents create for you
  • How having emotionally unavailable parents affects you

Have you recognized the issues a Hijackal parent left you with? . I’m here to help.

Let’s talk soon.


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