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This is MUST-KNOW information! Listen now, and keep yourself --and your children--safe!

Is Your Hijackal® Partner Difficult, Or Actually Dangerous?

Being with a Hijackal is a little like being part of that urban legend of cooking frogs: you don't notice the dysfunction and abuse because the heat is slowly turned up. And, then? You're cooked!

You want to believe that a Hijackal can change. In fact, most people in relationship with these difficult, toxic people are good people who want to believe that if they love, understand, be patient, nurture, and stand by these folks, things will get better. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Sure, it may happen for a week or two, but it won't stick!

So, you HAVE to recognize the difference between a difficult person, and a dangerous person. In this episode, I'm giving you six things that that you will have to do differently, and why that has to happen right now.

If you see patterns of behavior that are ones intended to dominate, control, or alienate others, these are signs of potential trouble. It only gets more serious from there.

Listen to learn about those critical six things. You have likely been making excuses for them for awhile because they are confusing, and you want to err on the side of compassion. With Hijackals, that can only go so far. You can have compassion for them, but it is essential not to condone or enable their behaviors. For that to happen, you have to see the behaviors clearly for what they really are.

You cannot risk your well-being, or that of your children, a moment longer. This is REALLY IMPORTANT!

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