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The tapestry of life is a composite of many threads. In other words, who we are is a function of many influences – heredity, parenting, education, social & economic factors, language(s), attitudes, beliefs, etc. In addition, numerology plays a part in fashioning our character. It’s part of the tapestry. Its influence is quite easily identified in the case of multiple marriages where the differences in family surnames stand out. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that your children can be so unique in their own character? Numerology holds some of the answers.

Numerology offers considerable insight into one’s psyche and why we behave in certain ways one time and, at other times, contradict ourselves. More importantly, numerology identifies the nature of one’s Inner Self. This is a critical consideration for fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Imagine a movie projector, the old fashioned kind with a film inside. The movie film is analogous to your Inner Self. The focus on the projector lens equates to your name. Your Inner Self and its movie are pristine. But, you must be in balanced focus for the movie to play out with clarity on the screen of life. Numerology can tell you where you are in focus and where you are not.

Do you feel that you are stuck in a job but have a calling for something else? Is that something else an inner calling or an external manifestation of life’s pressures? More simply put, is the calling true to who you truly are? Numerology can help with the answer.

All in all, numerology is a simple, elegant tool that can assist in the process of finding balance and peace in our hearts and our world around us.

by Lance Shaler,

Author of Why Do Numbers Count


Lance spent the last 40 years of his career as the CEO and/or President of a number of companies with the majority of his time in computer technology. Other areas included finance, green technologies and heath care. Numerology has been a fascination for more than 40 years. His first two books on numerology will be available on Amazon in July 2010. In the mean time, you can download his ebooks from his website for free !! www.Numbers-Count.com


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