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Tag Archives: settling relationship issues

If you are experiencing relationship drama, you are in the right place.

Here you will find the advice you need to stop the drama! Plus new proven strategies to make your relationship more loving, respectful, honest, trusting, supportive and intimate. RECENT NOTE FROM A CLIENT: “Thank you for helping repair our once great relationship. We both feel strongly it is getting back to where it was because Read More > >

Relationship Help: Got boundaries? Or, faultfinding down to an art?

Some people have been carefully trained to be faultfinders. They look for the problems, the inadequacies, the not-quite-good-enoughs, and the less-than-perfects…and pounce! Fault is often the first thing out of their mouths. You might know one or two such folks.  Maybe, you’re related to one? Or, married to one?  Or, do you have faultfinding down…

Relationship Help: Rage. You don’t have to live with it.

Rage! That’s different from simple anger. It is another class of upheaval.  Rage is defined as “violent and uncontrolled anger.”  A whole other class.  And, no one needs to live with it, neither the Rager nor the recipient. The operant difference between anger and rage is the violence and the lack of control.  We all…

Relationship Help: Making excuses is inexcusable

Anticipating a new client in my counseling practice today, I came in early. Preparing for her arrival, I was reflecting on what little I knew about her, yet understanding how great her need was to begin the process of unwrapping and unpacking things that were standing in the way of moving on with life and…