Narcissists ARE Revenge-Seekers

You may not think about it like that, AND, it’s true. Narcissists ARE Revenge-Seekers. Whether the revenge is subtle or obvious, small or huge, it’s still revenge. Once you see what I mean, you’ll see it clearly in your relationship…and, I hope you won’t un-see it! It’s nasty.

Revenge is the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong you think they caused you. Hijackals® sometimes don’t wait for you to do anything at all. There’s just blame you anyway. Familiar? Yes, so they can be pursuing revenge for some slight they made up in their head while driving home. And, they believe their revenge is justified because they convinced themselves of the slight or threat…whether it happened or not! Yes, it IS nasty!


  • What revenge is Why Hijackals use it
  • Why you may have absolutely NO idea what they are upset about yet you’re the one who is being discounted, put-down, dismissed, and violated
  • How revenge relates to projection
  • How projection works
  • The third piece of the puzzle: rejection ….and around it goes again!


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