How & Why Hijackals Reject Equality

So frustrating, disappointing, and infuriating! Hijackals will NOT allow you to be equal in all the ways that count in a relationship. They reject it. It helps you to see it when you hear how and why it happens. You can feel it, for sure, but SO MUCH BETTER to know what’s up, right?

Ever have the lingering feeling that the person you have in mind right now is not interested in ever letting you feel good enough? Be right? Get what you want? That’s because of underlying inequality in many cases. I mean it: this is SO important to recognize and lean into. It can be the beginning of changing the games they play.


  • What equality looks like…AND, what it doesn’t
  • Why Hijackals have no interest in equality
  • Why Hijackals of all stripes really think you’re disposable
  • How inequality creates such stress and tension…and, you often think it’s something else doing that.
  • How to see the inequality clearly and make good decisions about it

I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.


More on this topic:

Narcissists reject the idea of equality in their relationships because they believe that they are superior to others and, therefore, should be given more attention, respect, and power. They also do not value mutual reciprocity within a relationship—they expect to be given more than they give.

These beliefs lead them to desire unequal relationships with others where they can maintain control while avoiding being vulnerable or having any real depth of connection.

The problem with this approach is that it does not foster healthy, long-term relationships. Relationships in which one partner feels superior to the other can be imbalanced, shallow and ultimately unsustainable. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it is important to recognize their attempts to maintain power and control over you.


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