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How Personal Trauma Gave Rise to Strength, Courage, and Empowering Others GUEST: Tracy Malone

Gaslighting, Personal Trauma, Learning the Hard Way, and Lemons Out of Lemonade.

GUEST: Tracy Malone, All around amazing woman, and founder of

In today's episode, I talk about "Gaslighting." It's a real thing. When someone else wants to tell you what you think, feel, intend, or have done, and they insist they are right, there's a very good chance that they are gaslighting you.

Gaslighting leads to second-guessing yourself, and questioning your sanity.

  • "Can I be mistaken about what actually happened to me?"
  • "Do I remember that incident so wrongly/"
  • "What's happening to my mind? I swear it didn't happen that way?"
  • "I think you're re-writing my history, and it's confusing."

Ever felt that way? Thought those things? You may have been gaslighted by a toxic, manipulative person looking for power over you. Learn the finer points of this is today's episode.

A traumatic series of life events─including being thoughtlessly discarded by her partner─thrust Tracy Malone into a personal downward spiral. As she sought the answer to, “Why me?”, she discovered that she had been a victim of narcissist

Like many, before that moment, Tracy had no idea about the personality disorder known as narcissism. So she began to study it voraciously. Today, passionate about raising awareness on the subject, she is excited to share the empowering story of how she turned her life around in an effort to help others do the same. Tracy’s inspirational and humorous presentations leave your audience with a deeper understanding of narcissistic behaviors and how they can thrive after experiencing such difficult and troubled relationships.

An expert on destructive relationships, Tracy’s Narcissist Abuse Support website offers resources to victims from more than 145 countries

Realizing that you attracted a Hijackal® and, although you didn't like his behavior, it somehow seemed familiar, is a common story among many. You become the "unwitting prey" of Hijackal predators. When you begin to realize that your family set a pattern of behavior and expectations, and you didn't see it before, it's a HUGE WAKE-UP CALL!

During this interview, we discuss the distinctions between being helpful and enabling. BIG!

So many points you are wise to recognize; seeing the red flags that were somehow excused earlier in the relationship.We talk about why they can be easy to miss, and how we rationalize and excuse them. THEN, what it takes to step away, and see all this from a more empowering, wise perspective. Tracy certainly had to do that when the reality of the behavior of her ex made escaping these realizations impossible.

Here's some interview highlights:

  • How do you deal with the "new supply" that a narcissistic person requires?
  • What role does co-dependency play in the Hijackal equation?
  • How gaslighting plays out in real life situations
  • How do you know when you're helping someone, OR are actually enabling bad behavior
  • Why narcissists are on the look out for people-pleasers




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