Still being housebound with a #Hijackal during this difficult time? Even after things go back to somewhat normal and the #Hijackal in your house returns to work, you'll be in better shape if you follow these practices now.

If your #Hijackal works from home all the time, you'll find these strategies useful. However, they won't solve the chronic stress and anxiety caused by the need to be hyper-vigilant around a toxic person. You'll need help to navigate the challenges and clarify your thinking to make good long-term decisions.


  • How you can best use this time to practice empowering strategies
  • Taking charge of where you place your attention
  • What absolutely won't work
  • Know this "housebound 24/7" is not going to last forever
  • Changing your internal conversation to save your sanity
  • Why it's never a good idea to poke a #Hijackal
  • Temporary measures to save your sanity

#Hijackals want to be the ones that make the rules, right? So, being told to stay home when it's not their idea, NOT GOOD!

You will be blamed for everything, even for world events and other things totally beyond your control. You know that's true.

Hijackals take no responsibility for what they say or do. When you remind them of what they said, they tell you you didn't listen well. In fact, they'll say you NEVER listen well. And, of course, they didn't say it. It's your faulty thinking or remembering. Crazy-making!

Now, magnify that by being in a situation where they cannot do what they want? Nightmare!

You need some sanity-saving short-term strategies. These may prove so effective you establish a new long-term pattern. Great!

I know how difficult this time can be when you're trying to cope with being cooped up with a difficult, toxic, self-centered supposed adult. Try these. No magic, but even a little relief will be welcome, I'm sure.



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