Hijackal Parents Mess With Their Children’s Lives

relationship videosChronically difficult people make your life miserable. If you had a Hijackal™ parent, you may not realize how that experience may still be impacting your life and relationships now.

They are so fearful--yes, they are fearful, contrary to the very confident exteriors they present--that they will make a mistake, or have to take responsibility for their actions, that they are continually both defensive and offensive.

Children born into homes where there is a chronically difficult person--aka a Hijackal™--turn themselves into pretzels to please their parents. They do it as an adaptation to survive.  They do it before their developing brains have rational, linear, cause-and-effect capabilities. They do not know that they are making these adaptations.

Children who have had a Hijackal parent can go through life not realizing the impact that their early life had on them. That is such a shame because, getting some professional help to talk through and work through the issues arising from that earlier life can make all their relationships--and most particularly the one they have with themselves--so much healthier!

A HIjackal parent cannot help but mess with their lives of their children, too often, forever. 


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