EMOTIONAL ABUSE: The High Cost of Enabling a Narcissistic Hijackal

There can be significant and damaging results to enabling a narcissist that you don’t want to stay blind to.

You think you’re doing your best, giving your all, compromising, and cooperating. And in a healthy relationship, that’s great.

In a toxic relationship, you’ll be expected to over-give and more. It’s a setup for emotional abuse. Listen in to see it even more clearly!


  • 4 main reasons why you might enable a toxic relationship to continue
  • What you may be hoping you’ll get in response to enabling a narcissist (You won’t.)
  • Why being your wonderful self will never be good enough for a #Hijackal
  • The dynamics of being with a toxic partner and their blame, shame, guilt, and fault-finding
  • 8 ways a #narcissist or #Hijackal perpetrates emotional abuse

You may hear the word “enabling” and know that it is not a good thing. That’s true. Knowing what it IS, so you can clearly observe it and recognize it, is important and necessary.

My definition of enabling is:

“When you usually step in to fix, solve, excuse, rationalize, justify, or make the consequences go away for the poor choices of others.”

Does that sound familiar?

Sometimes, you’re so exhausted that you let it wash over you, I know. That’s just how narcissists and Hijackals want you to be: too tired, confused, and worn down to put up any resistance to their having more and more power in the relationship. Enabling a narcissist only benefits THEM. You will lose every time.

You CAN stop enabling their behaviors, and stop in small steps. (That’s what I help my clients do, and you can use my new client, one-time offer for a full hour session for only $97.)

You are likely a good person who has done everything you can think of to please your partner or parent. #Hijackals simply won’t be pleased for more than a hot minute. You’ve experienced that, right? So, lean in and listen, so you can think of your next best steps.

When you get enmeshed and entangled in enabling a narcissist, it leads to further and further emotional abuse. See it clearly now, and take action…no matter how small you start. Start!


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