Don’t Be Sucked In By Future Faking!

“OK, Babe, I promise you the world.” But, what about delivery? Learn more about how Hijackals trick you into believing they are GOING TO do something, or WANT the same things you want. It’s Future Faking!

It’s SO important to see the patterns, and sometimes, when you’ve been worn down and torn down by living in a toxic relationship, you simply don’t see them. Future Faking is important to recognize. It can make the difference between staying and going!


  • What Future Faking is
  • Why you may not clearly see the future faking
  • How to see future faking for what it is
  • Recognizing the patterns of future faking in your relationship may help you see why you stay for more abuse
  • The manipulation: love-bombing, seduction, bait-and-switch of future faking

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