Future Faking

One phony way narcissistic people keep you hooked.

All those promises! All those dreams! Was it future faking? That's a very common way that #Hijackals keep you engaged in the relationship. Learn how it works...and, what really doesn't work about it. You need to see this clearly, or you'll be hooked on hope!

All you ever wanted and more...one day. That's the promise of future faking: when a Hijackal promises or alludes to giving you something you want in the future to get what they want in the present. And, so much more.


  • How #futurefaking hooks you into staying in an abusive relationship
  • Why it can become a pattern that you really don't see
  • How F.O.M.O. plays into the #futurefaking dynamics
  • Parents and future faking you grew up with
  • Red flags of future faking during dating. BIG!
  • How narcissists and other Hijackals paint beautiful pictures of the future
  • Why you need to believe the patterns and change your direction

A Hijackal makes big moves early on in the relationship, feigning great interest in knowing you. Sorry. It's not because they're so interested in who you are: it's they're so interested in what they can get from you. Sad. And, this is why they #futurefake! To engage you in the dream!

Lean in and listen to all the ways narcissists use this ploy to get what they want. You'll want to recognize each one for what it is.

So disappointing! Being with a #Hijackal is a roller coaster that has great, occasional highs but goes mostly downhill. Future faking is a part of this that can keep you staying when you need to be going. Create a better future yourself.

Learn more about love-bombing and false promises...

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