Any Chance You’re Addicted to the Drama?

You need to consider whether or not you’re addicted to the drama of being with a Hijackal or any other relentlessly difficult person. You may not have ever thought about it that way, BUT it’s SO important to check out whether or not you ARE ADDICTED to drama. This is something you can change!!!

Is your life an emotional rollercoaster? Good sign there is drama involved!


  • Checklist of addiction to drama from the book, Soul Solitude by Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and G. Charles Andersen, MA
  • How you can become addicted to drama without realizing it
  • 8 Secrets you can use to figure out if an addiction to drama has you in its clutches
  • The benefits of recognizing any signs that you are addicted to the rollercoaster that is life with a Hijackal

More about drama in relationships, and why, sometimes, it’s hard to let go of it.

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